Ordering Steps

1 - Choose a product
From the home page click a product category from menu. This will open the relevant page showing you some product info and an icon for the product template. Clicking the product template icon will take you to the product landing page.

2 - Product Landing Page
The product ‘landing page’ shows you further details of the product, a quantity/price drop down menu and a ‘Create Item’ button. The quantity/price drop down menu will be populated depending on the options that have been set for that particular product. Clicking the ‘Create Item’ button will take you to the editor where you can begin personalising the product.

3 - Editing a template
Type text in to the editable fields, or adjust options in drop down menus (if available) on the right side of the window. After a brief pause, the preview will update with the changes.

4 - Checking and approving your template
The editor has a large green 'Download Preview' button. Clicking this will download a high-res preview PDF for you to check to make sure you are happy with the product. What you see here is what will be printed (without the preview stamp). If there's something you don't like then continue editing the template in the online editor and download another preview PDF until you have it exactly as you want.

5 - Finished editing a template
Once you have checked the preview PDF and are happy to approve the artwork, click the ‘Add to Basket’ button to save the card to your basket. You will be taken to the shopping basket page.

6 - Shopping basket page
At the ‘Shopping basket’ page you will see a list of your products. The following options are available to you (providing there is a product in there):

- Delete an item by clicking the red 'Delete' button at the left side of the product item.
- View a preview by clicking the thumbnail image.
- Change the quantity (if more than one quantity option was available).
- Edit the item by clicking the blue 'Edit' button at the left side of the product item.

7 - Checkout page
Here you are presented with a sequence of options to complete:
- The billing address will default to the address assigned in the ‘My Account’ section (to can get to this by clicking your email address in the links at the top right corner of the page).
- The shipping address will also default to the same address. If you wish to change this then click the address drop-down menu in the checkout page and select the ‘New Address’ option.
- There is only a single delivery method available as the price is a fixed price per basket.
- Payment method is a secure credit card payment via the SagePay's secure servers.
- Finally you will come to a ‘Confirm’ button where you can place the order.

8 - Order complete
After clicking confirm, you will see an order confirmation message on screen, together with an order ID number. You will be sent a confirmation email as well with details of your order.

9 - Delivery and VAT
All Deliveries will be charged at £4.99 excluding VAT for each ordered basket. VAT will be charged at the current UK VAT rate of 20%.